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Cancel Cable
How Internet Pirates Get Free Stuff
by Chris Fehily

Neighbors with hand-labeled DVD collections. Teenagers with 5000-song iPods. Entire countries sharing the same copy of Windows. Who are these people? They’re file sharers and they account for a third of worldwide internet traffic. Their swag is anything that can be digitized and copied.

But file-sharing networks aren’t only for pirates. Musicians and writers use them to gauge their popularity. Artists and filmmakers use them to boost recognition. Government employees use them to secretly download WikiLeaks archives. TV producers use them to confirm audience measurements. Politicians and judges use them to make policy and rulings. Traders and marketers use them to spot trends.

File sharing affects everyone online. In Cancel Cable, bestselling author Chris Fehily explains this singular world with humor and clarity.


“A remarkably calm look at the technical, social, economic and cultural issues arising from file-sharing, and it’s also a damned practical guide to navigating the strange world of file-sharing technology.”
– Cory Doctorow, boingboing.net

“Chris Fehily won’t exactly call [middle-class consumers] suckers, but he will show them — as well as college students, crackers, digital anarchists and others — the Pirate Way.”
– J.D. Lasica, socialmedia.biz

“An essential primer on file sharing for those not in the know.”
– Leo M, Brain Scratch

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1. The Terrain
2. Understanding BitTorrent
3. File Types
4. Malware
5. Archives
6. Installing a BitTorrent Client
7. BitTorrent Search Engines
8. Finding Torrents
9. Customizing Your Client
10. Downloading Torrents
11. Movies and TV Shows
12. Pictures
13. Music and Spoken Word
14. Books, Documents, and Fonts
15. Applications and Games