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Numbers for iPad
Visual QuickStart Guide
by Chris Fehily

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This book offers clear and to-the-point instruction on how to get the most out of Apple’s Numbers spreadsheet app for iPad.

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1. Getting Started
2. Spreadsheet Essentials
3. Data Entry
4. Formulas and Functions
5. Charts
6. Text Boxes, Shapes, and Images
7. Sharing Spreadsheets
Appendix. Numbers Functions


Download the spreadsheet numbers_for_ipad_vqs.numbers and open it in Numbers for iPad by using one of the methods described in Chapter 7, “Sharing Spreadsheets.”

Errata and updates

Page 23 — In step 2 of “To add or delete header rows, header columns, or footer rows,” change the Insert icon to the Info icon.

Page 48 — Delete the word “Time” from the title of Table 4.1.

Page 55 — Change the column heading “Referemce” to “Reference” in Table 4.4.