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Windows 7 cover

Windows 7
Visual QuickStart Guide
by Chris Fehily

A newer edition is available.


This concise guide covers every edition of Windows 7 in Visual QuickStart style, with plenty of screenshots, numbered steps, tips, and sections. You’ll learn how to use new and updated features, including the redesigned taskbar; jump lists; libraries; federated search; desktop gadgets; window-management shortcuts; and the improved versions of Internet Explorer, Mail, Messenger, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, and Media Player. You’ll also find information on setup; installation; upgrading from other Windows versions; troubleshooting; hardware; and organizing your documents, music, photos, and videos. Laptop and mobile users will learn how to connect from the road, jump onto a public wireless network, and conserve battery power. The author also walks you through setting up a network or homegroup, connecting to the internet, configuring routers and firewalls, and hooking up printers and other devices. You’ll learn how to use security features to protect your PC and network and share files while keeping personal stuff private.


1. Getting Started
2. The Desktop
3. Getting Help
4. Personalizing Your Work Environment
5. Organizing Files and Folders
6. Installing and Running Programs
7. Printing, Scanning, and Faxing
8. Setting up Hardware
9. Digital Photos
10. Windows Media Player
11. Windows Live Movie Maker
12. Connecting to the Internet
13. Security and Privacy
14. Internet Explorer
15. Windows Live Mail
16. Windows Live Messenger
17. Managing User Accounts
18. Setting up a Small Network
19. Working Remotely
20. Maintenance & Troubleshooting
Appendix. Installing Windows

Errata and updates

Page 7 — The third tip applies to only Professional, Ultimate, and Enterpise editions. Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc) doesn’t come with Starter and Home editions.

Page 26 — In the third tip, change “Right-clicking or a title bar...” to “Right-clicking on a title bar...”.

Page 74 — In the second sentence of the caption for Figure 2.25, change “A program’s shortcut window...” to “A program’s shortcut menu...”.

Page 378 — In the second tip, delete the step “Network and Internet >”.